Squash’s resurgence at the University of Reading!

For anyone questioning the appeal of squash amongst today’s young adults then read on!

Over 50 Freshers signed up for more information about squash at the SportsPark back in September! Demand was so high for beginner and intermediate coaching that we filled 2 courts. For 4 hours. For 6 weeks. That’s 48 hours of coaching!

Here’s just some of the feedback:

“The course was thoroughly enjoyable, and very well run with some great coaching tips for all levels, I would definitely recommend.”

“I really enjoyed the course, and the coaching was excellent. Feel inspired to carry on playing squash and very grateful to Berkshire Squash for providing this opportunity to us students.”

“Massive thanks to Berkshire Squash and Craig the coach. The techniques and training over the short course have transformed how I play squash, going from a “hit and hope” casual player to actually knowing what to do on court! Big thanks to everyone for the opportunity!”

“The course was extremely well run, and I had real fun playing and felt like I learnt so much about the sport, thank you all for the course!”

2023 UoR course attendees
Short video from week 1 of our University of Reading squash course

This initiative has resulted in a resurgence in student squash at the SportsPark, with a keen core group of players. They’ve already re-established the student University Squash Club; are committed to entering a team to compete in next year’s BUCS League; would like more coaching; and will be creating a student box league in 2024! What a fantastic outcome!

Our thanks to: Sarah Humphreys, Head of SportsPark at the University of Reading, for her support and provision of the courts; Craig Banyard for putting together and delivering a great course; Simon Street for his support on and off the court; Ronit Bawa (2023 UoR Fresher) for supporting Craig on court, and for spearheading the resurgence of squash at the University! And last but not least the energetic and enthusiastic students!

Berkshire Squash will be providing more courses at the SportsPark in 2024. Keep an eye on our social channels – announcement coming soon!


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  1. very nice photography during the Squash training event…It’s very helpful for my new learning…:-)

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