Sophie Beake

Women’s Captain

Why did you join the Berkshire Squash Committee?
I am extremely passionate about getting more people to play squash. I think it is a fantastic but underrated sport – we absolutely must get this incredible sport in the Olympics and we need to start with encouraging more people to play the game locally. One of my favourite squash facts is that in a 1 hour match, you are only not playing for around 6 minutes, compared to tennis where most amateurs are only playing for 6 minutes per hour. So, for 54 minutes you are walking around picking up tennis balls, waiting for a serve etc!

Where and when did you start playing squash?
I attended my school’s open session at a local leisure centre in Guernsey when I was 15. It was a great introduction to squash and I soon joined the weekend junior leagues. But I really started playing squash more competitively when I went to the University of East Anglia – I became ladies captain in my second year and then president of the squash club in my third year. From that point, squash became my main sport and I have enjoyed playing in local club leagues, teams and InterCounty tournaments.

What was your most important squash development?
When progressing up the leagues at different clubs, I always remember the difference when I start to play better players. I have less time on the ball as they tend to cut the ball off more using volleys. When I realised that, my game improved massively (although I still have to remind myself to volley more at times now)!

What are your proudest squash moments?
Winning the Berkshire Ladies Squash Championships in 2013 was more of a relief, but I was also really proud of my achievement as we have some great ladies playing in the county. Following a few years of having children, illness, injury and then the pandemic, I hope to have a chance to become Berkshire Ladies Champion again soon. In addition to that, my other proudest moment was attending my very first England Squash Masters Tournament in 2019 and beating the number 1 seed in my first match!

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