Rodwell & Kahlon take the doubles title!

Eight eager pairs entered our 2022/23 Berkshire Closed Doubles Championship which was played on the two (rather cold) glassbacks at SportsPark, University of Reading, on Saturday 11th November.

Doubles experience ranged from complete newcomer (brave man 😜), to former winners attempting to reclaim their crown. And Squash Levels ranged from 1,004-12,635 – so we had quite a mix on show!

Harry, Jeremy, Jack & Matthew

Each team played all others in their group, with the winners of each group playing the runners up of the other in the semi-finals; with playoffs for overall positions.

The pairings in seed order (based on prior experience, Squash Levels and current fitness!):

  1. Simon Rodwell & Gurbhaj Kahlon
  2. Matthew Baynes & Harry Palfreyman
  3. Jeremy Baker & Jack Waldron
  4. Simon Street & Dave Weston
  5. Tim Burrell & Paul Johnson
  6. Paul Forbes & Philip Eadey
  7. Adrian Stahl & Ronit Bawa
  8. Vincent Paliczka & Clive Morrison

Unfortunately, Paul & Philip withdrew due to injury so the remaining seven pairs fought it out. There were some good tussles in the group games, with just the one upset…Jeremy & Jack losing to Tim and Paul. (Sorry for the reminder J & J). Well done to the seeding committee!

Tim, Harry, Paul & Matthew. Spot the ball competition?

Group Results



The Finalists

Simon, Gurbhaj, Harry & Matthew
Runners-up Matthew & Harry with Des
Winners Simon & Gurbhaj with Des

Congratulations to Simon & Gurbhaj – our 2022/23 Doubles Champions!

This new pairing, and top seeds, were just too strong – congratulations!

Thanks as always to Des for organising the event, to SportsPark for hosting us, and to the local pub for the ’afters’; plus a special mention to my talented young doubles partner, Ronit, for stepping in at the last moment despite having never played doubles before! And of course to all the players for providing such an entertaining and enjoyable day.

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