Rules & Decisions

To understand more about the rules and refereeing decisions please click on the rules buttons below. More information can also be found at the World Squash Officiating website, where they have an excellent library of resource materials to download and videos to watch.

The rules for Squash 57, previously known as Racketball, differ slightly and can be found here.

What’s the Decision?

The most difficult, and sometimes contentious, decision in squash is whether to award a ‘Let’, ‘No Let’ or ‘Stroke’. We recommend that all Team players undertake an England Squash Referee Training Workshop before marking a match. For details, please visit the England Squash website. However, a simplified overview of the decision process can be seen below. We have also linked some of the rules to videos from the WSO website as examples:

Consideration  DecisionRule/Video
Did the previous striker cause interference to occur? NONo Let8.6.1
Could the obstructed player have got to the ball and made a good return
and was that player making every effort to do so?
NONo Let8.6.2
Did the obstructed player move past the point of interference and play on?YESNo Let8.6.3
Was the interference minimal?YESNo Let8.6.4
Did the opponent make every effort to avoid interference?NOStroke to striker 8.6.5
Did the interference prevent the player’s reasonable swing?YESStroke to striker8.9.2
Would the obstructed player have struck the opponent with the
ball going directly to the front wall or if going to a side wall would
it have been a winning return?


Stroke to striker

Yes Let