Luke Marsh


Why did you join the Berkshire Squash Committee?
After attending the 2024 AGM, I heard about the need for a Treasurer to volunteer. In my personal life, I like to think of myself as a bit of a geek who loves technology and I feel like I create a spreadsheet for everything in my life anyway. I have performed the role for another small charity in the past, so thought why not help out.

Where and when did you start playing squash?
I started playing Squash in my teens, very casually with my dad’s friend on Wednesday evenings. It was unlike anything that I had done before and just found it very addictive. For the next 10-15 years I only ever played casually with friends and only started taking it more seriously at the age of 29 when I joined my first Squash club and began training. So really, the love started young but I feel like I have really only started properly in the last year or so but it’s never too late to begin and I love every moment.

What are your proudest squash moments?
As someone who has only started taking Squash more competitively in the last year, the fact I now get to enjoy playing for Royal Berkshire second team is a successful moment in my eyes.

What other squash successes have you had?
I found out recently that I really enjoy learning the process of being a referee and marking Squash matches! I signed up to the World Squash Officiating (WSO) courses and feel proud I have completed by Level 0 and Level 1 certification as a Squash Referee. My goal is to become more experienced and become Berkshire Squash’s official referee in time.

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