League Rules

All participants and their supporters must behave responsibly and respectfully at all times and adhere to the England Squash Code of Conduct. In addition, from 2022, all league and tournament participants need to be members of Berkshire Squash, details of which can be found here. Please note that this service is being developed at the moment and the features are likely to evolve. To become a member please register by clicking here and registration guidance can be seen at the following link.

All participants also need to be members of England Squash and can currently register via their Club (although please note that this process is under review and likely to change to a direct membership model soon). For full details please see here and to understand more please click on the FAQs.

Please note that our preferred ball for all league and tournament matches is the Karakal double yellow dot. However, if you do not want to use this ball, you may use the Dunlop double yellow dot ball instead.

Please select the links below for the latest rules and appendices.