League Master Website Issues

As you may have noticed, League Master (the company that run our tournament, league and event management website) have had some technical issues recently, with their site being regularly unavailable. In this regard, they have released the following statement:

“Getting to the bottom of this sort of problem is not always straightforward, but we fully appreciate how frustrating it must be for users and are doing everything we can to solve it.

Sadly we have discovered that on a regular basis, League Master is getting vast numbers of hits, way above what we would normally expect, and it is hard not to assume that we are being deliberately targeted to create problems.

There are, of course, solutions to attacks of this nature but everything takes time and we can only ask for your patience while we are tackling things, and of course working with hosting companies is not always easy over the holiday period.

Unfortunately, given the volume of people that use League Master, we cannot respond individually to every email asking for support on this, but the systems are being monitored almost continuously and if you find that you cannot access the site, please wait and retry later. Once we feel things are back to normal, we will advise everyone.

Thank you.”

We would also like to thank you for your patience with this issue.

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