Good governance adds value – it is uncomplicated, transparent and ethical.

Berkshire Squash has a strong record of good governance.  We have a well-structured committee that meets regularly and follows a pre-determined agenda and produces minutes which are accessible to members. The AGM is well attended and members elect the committee and agree any constitutional or rule amendments. In addition, financial matters are well managed and key policies such as Safeguarding are in place.

Good governance is key for an organisation to meet its objectives and deal with any issues in a consistent and transparent manner.  Berkshire Squash has been effective in this regard.

Recently, Sport England has been advocating a more consistent and structured approach to governance across the sports sector in England. In turn, England Squash is encouraging County Associations to improve their governance and have set out 12 standards for Associations to meet. We have agreed to meet all of these standards and an action plan is in place for any development areas. These will be concluded prior to the 2024 AGM, at the latest. The 12 standards are:

  1. The County must have an up to date constitution.
  2. The work of the County Association must be overseen by a governing committee, which meets at least quarterly and whose decisions are recorded.
  3. Members of the Committee must be elected, serve a defined term and ideally with a maximum period of 9 years.
  4. At least three members of the governing committee must be neither related to nor co-habiting with other members of the committee.
  5. The Association must maintain a record of governing committee members’ personal, business and financial interests.
  6. The County Association must have in place an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (‘EDI’) policy. 
  7. The Governing Committee must prepare and publish an annual report on the actions it has taken in meeting its EDI objectives. 
  8. The Association must have a defined financial year, prepare a budget and report on it.
  9. The Association must operate a bank account in its own name and any expenditure must require approval by two members of the committee.
  10. The Association must prepare an annual summary of its income and expenditure and this must be reviewed by an independent person of suitable expertise.
  11. The Association must maintain a risk register which also states what is being done to mitigate or manage these risks. 
  12. The Association must have in place a Safeguarding Policy and identify who is responsible for implementing that policy. 

A report on how closely we are aligned with the 12 standards will be presented at the 2023 AGM together with timescales on completing any outstanding tasks. This will be available on the website following the AGM. Progress towards meeting all 12 standards will be monitored by the committee on a quarterly basis and updates posted on the Berkshire Squash website following such meetings.

As well as adhering to the above standards, as a registered charity, RBSRA is also governed by the Charity Commission and compliance with their rules and principles is essential.