First adult beginners’ course proves a huge hit!

A healthy mix of 22 men and women recently completed our first free 6-week adult beginners’ squash course. It was expertly led by coach Gary Hales and held at Aldermaston Squash Club. 10 of them even went onto compete in a ‘fun’ tournament in week 7!

Judging by the feedback, video and photos this course was a real success! Well done Gary!


  • 100% would recommend the course to other adult beginners
  • 88% intend to keep playing squash after the course / 12% maybe!
  • 4.8 out of 5 – Average score describing their squash learnings
  • 4.9 out of 5 – Average score for how much fun they had!
Gary with players who entered his end of course ‘fun’ tournaments

And here are some of the rave reviews:

“What a great 7 weeks, thank you Berkshire Squash for funding the course. Coach Gary was brilliant, each week had the right level of input, opportunity to practice, ask questions and most importantly….enjoyment . I’m excited to be playing more in the future.” – Donna

“Gary is a great coach, whilst he is coaching a group of people he also manages to understand each person’s individual skills and makes suggestions to help them improve. Over the couple of weeks he’s introduced us to the basics of squash and also some key aspects we couldn’t have learnt elsewhere. I’ve noticed my squash skill improve massively. Cannot recommend enough!” – Max

“Loved the course, thanks very much for putting it on. It’s been great fun and really useful to learn some exercises/drills as well as playing matches.” – Kathleen

“Gary was excellent and I’m very grateful for the opportunity – thank you. I’ve signed up to Aldermaston Squash Club. The benefit of the lessons made the process of finding and trying to join a squash club a lot less daunting when you don’t know anyone who is already a member.” – Alun

“Really enjoyed the sessions and an introduction to the sport, and felt the coaching from Gary was really helpful and made the game much more fun and easier to get into.” – Robert

“This was the first time I have played squash. Gary is an amazing coach and is very friendly and has always been patient to answer questions and provide tips etc. The course was great fun and I am glad I found a good fun routine as part of my health regime. Special thanks to the team and Gary for the inspiration!” – Doss

Congrats to Donna and Alun for winning their respective tournaments!

Our thanks once again to Chris Bully and Gary for their hard work, and we wish all these new players a long and enjoyable future playing squash!

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  1. Thank you very much to Berkshire Squash for providing the opportunity to learn squash at Reading University! Craig was an excellent coach and made the sessions very interactive and engaging. Would recommend 🙂

    I would be very interested in future courses as well

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