County Cup

This event is a team knock-out event and is open to all teams who play in our county leagues. Prior to 2023, we ran the County Cup for teams in the top 2 divisions and the County Shield for all other teams. However, our 2023 competition will work differently. Firstly, there will be only one competition and all teams will be drawn ‘out of a bag’. With no seedings, this means that the top teams can play the lower teams, giving opportunities for ‘giant killings’ from round 1. This is made more likely because all matches are being played on a handicapped basis, supported by the SquashLevels ranking system. Please note that this is a trial event for 2023, to try something new in order to ‘spice up’ this competition and have some fun!

Please see the following links for more information and the videos too:

2023 County Cup Winners – Maidenhead 1

Semi Finals Draw
Quarter Finals Draw
Round 1 Draw