2023 Junior County Closed

The excellent Wellington Health and Fitness club has hosted two Berkshire tournaments over the last two months with the latest being the 2023 Berkshire Junior County Closed Championships.

The 25th of March saw a successful Berkshire Junior Tournament, with three divisions including Under 17, Under 13 and 15 as well as Under 11 and 9. All the games were played in good sportsmanship, and a great time was had by all participants. Everyone enjoyed the occasion as they celebrated their love of the game and their enthusiasm was infectious!

Daniel Schieke emerged victorious as the Berkshire County Closed champion in the Under 17’s category, beating Vig Uttamkumar by a comfortable 3-1 (16/18 15/10 15/7 15/9) scoreline. It was an exciting match that showcased the impressive skill of both competitors, but in the end Daniel’s technique and strategy proved too much for his opponent.

The Under 13 and Under 15 had two boxes – A and B. In Box A, Luke Gray and Maxim Hannaford were the undisputed top two players, each scoring 10 and 8 points respectively. Amber Hamilton-Martin and Vihaan Thakur followed closely behind with 6 points each. Meanwhile in Box B, Abraham Shaffer was top of the pile with 8 points, while Ibrahim Hussein finished as runner-up with 6 points. Aarav Raj also won two of his matches and ended third in box B.

In the 3/4 play off Ibrahim showed his skill and determination by beating Maxim 2-0 (15/12 15/7). The Final saw Luke Gray go head to head with Abrahim in an exciting match that Luke ultimately won 2-0 (15/13, 15/9). Congratulations to all the players who competed in this tournament, especially to Luke Gray for being crowned the Berkshire County Closed Under 15 winner and Abrahim Shaffer for becoming the Under 13 Berkshire County Closed winner!

At the under 11’s and under 9’s tournament, two boxes of five players each were set up to enjoy a combination of competitive and fun matches. In Box A, Alex Catton demonstrated a clear improvement since last year’s championships, impressively winning all his matches 2-0.

In the final standings for Box A, Alex emerged as the winner with a total of 6 points, while Jacob Reed and Dexter Danskin tied for second place with 4 points each. However, due to having beaten Dexter in their previous encounter, Jacob was given the second place spot, leaving Dexter in third.

Box B saw an impressive performance by Evan Weatherill who won all his matches 2-0. Similarly, Robert Hatton also earned a clean sweep in his matches, achieving victories in every game 2-0. Finally, Harry Brickell earned 4 points and came third as a result of his commendable play.

In 5th/6th playoff good friends Dexter and Harry played each other and Harry (only 8 years old), won 2-0 (12/6, 12/7) earning him the title of Berkshire under 9 champion. In the 3/4 play off we had a brilliant match on our hands which Jacob eventually won in three very close sets, final score 2-1 (12/15, 17/15, 15/11).

In the final, Alex took on Evan and demonstrated his remarkable capabilities and exceptional improvement by winning the match 2-0 (15/3, 15/5), making him the Berkshire Under 11 champion. It was an exhilarating tournament, and it was such a pleasure to have Millie, Evie, Amber and Mia taking part as well.