2023/24 Adult Coaching Programme

As announced at our 2023 AGM, we have a significant gap in our membership profile and do not have enough players in their 20’s and 30’s playing our wonderful game. We are therefore concerned that, without significant player recruitment in this demographic, our clubs will have big issues in 10 years time, when the older players gradually stop playing. As a county association, we recognise that this could have huge potential ramifications, and could contribute to further court and/or club closures.

As well as a concern for our clubs and adult members, we wish to protect our junior investment, to ensure that there are still enough courts and squash clubs available in Berkshire for them to play at when they mature into adults. On this basis, we have identified that we need to launch a targeted recruitment campaign, to encourage men and women in their 20’s and 30’s to try Squash and/or Squash 57.

We need to engage with Clubs and Coaches in order to deliver this initiative. In addition, we are prepared to invest significantly into this programme in order to help our clubs recruit new members. To find out more, or discuss this with us, please click on one of the links below…

2 thoughts on “2023/24 Adult Coaching Programme”

  1. Simon – I will run this at Burghfield. I have just completed my Level 2 Course so wouldn’t need any additional training other than any pointers on specifics to address albeit I can probably work that one out myself as it will depend on the existing abilities of the people you are coaching. Happy to comply with any programme or suggestions though.

  2. That’s great news Richard. We are keen to hear how you plan to market this initiative and will help wherever possible.

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